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Jose Colon


I'm Jose.
I love learning,

...designing and building beautiful things.

Building Materials



When a project calls for high-performance execution speeds accompanied with top-notch safety and stability guarantees, Rust is my go-to choice as programming language. The Rust ecosystem is vast and growing rapidly with high-quality libraries that you can mix and match to get practically any job done. Top project candidates for Rust include:

  • Command line applications
  • Servers, Web, gRPC, REST
  • Embedded and highly constrained environments



Zig is still a pre-1.0 release language, but it's quickly taking the programming world by storm with its incredible execution speeds, tiny binary sizes, and source code readability-centric design. When it comes to integrating with existing C libraries, there's simply no better choice for seamless integration. Zig compiles C and C++ code, so your polyglot projects can be simplified with just the Zig toolchain. Ideal candidate projects for Zig include:

  • Highly constrained embedded environments
  • Migrating C projects to more modern and readable code
  • Fast prototyping of cimpiled programs



I specialize in Responsive Web development using only the Web Platform, without frameworks and focusing on modern technologies like:

  • Web Components
  • CSS Grid / Flexbox
  • Semantic HTML
  • Accessibility (ARIA)
  • WebP, AVIF, SVG

I've found that with vanilla HTML + CSS + JavaScript, Web projects are greatly simplified, much more performant, efficient, and benefiting from orders of magnitude reduced file sizes.

Some Creations

Puerto Rico Basin Info


prbasins is a command line program that reports the latest stats about water basins in Puerto Rico. The motivation for developing this program is the ongoing tap water shortages the periodically plague the island's population. Seasonal droughts, unmaintained basins, and overall ineptitude on the government's behalf have led to periodic water shortages. This utility helps Puerto Ricans monitor the levels of whatever basin serves their area.



Ziglyph is a Zig library that provides many Unicode text processing facilities for Zig programs. It includes lots of character handling functions like toUpper and toLower, as well as UTF-8 string functions for Normalization, Collation, and Segmentation.

The library currently supports the latest Unicode version (14.0.0), and uses the Unicode Character Database and its provided tests to validate compliance.

Felices Forever

Thumbnail of Felices Forever Website

Felices Forever Website is Fanny Ramos' website, where you can find information regarding her services as a Wedding Officiant in Puerto Rico. This web page uses no frameworks, just vanilla HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. A custom element Web Component is used for the sliding drawer navigation on the left. The page is light, making effective use of modern image formats, DNS pre-loading, browser caching lifetimes, and minimal but not minimized code.

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